For your protection and ours, you acknowledge acceptance of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy whenever you purchase or use any services provided by Orthodox Internet Services. These policies provide the legal framework for our business relationship. You should be familiar with them, since the use of our services indicates your acceptance of them.

We reserve the right to modify these at any time. If we do, we'll update the dates so you know they've been changed. You should check these pages regularly to see if there have been any updates.

Summaries are provided on this page; for the full policies, pleace click through to our InoaTech website.

Terms of Service »

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Effective 07-08-2010


  • We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on our hosting services. Domain registrations are non-refundable. We reserve the right to not honor this in cases of abuse.
  • We don't host adult websites, or sites that promote illegal activity or violate copyright laws.
  • We may suspend your account if it appears to be hacked or is using "excessive" server resources.
  • You are responsible for the security of the account information and passwords we may provide.
  • We make backups but you should too. We are not responsible for any loss of data or downtime.
  • Please keep us up to date with your current contact and billing information!

Privacy Policy »

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Effective 07-08-2010


  • We highly value and respect your privacy. We use customer data pretty much like you might expect: we keep your account and billing information for regular business purposes; we use cookies, and we collect statistics on website usage.
  • We might access the information on your account for maintenance purpose or to help provide support. We don't like snooping, but if you need absolute privacy, we recommend you don't use our services.
  • We hate spam and don't sell or distribute your information, including your email address, to third-parties.
  • We may send you newsletters, but you can opt-out of any marketing or non-account related emails at any time.

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